Visual Arts - Music - Film - Performance Arts - Dance & Choreography - Photography - Crafting - Entertainment, etc.

Any creation is a form of CREATIVE ART

Our causes and activities aren’t only about tackling poverty and social issues head-on. Culture, entertainment and art also play vital roles in strengthening and bettering our communities.  Our purpose is to help people excel in life through creative & positive development.

What We Do & How We Make a Difference

The Creative Cats Club

Creative Cats Clubs are social gatherings formed to uplift communities through recreational activities by engaging in "creative arts". It is also a community where artists & talents could connect with each other and expand their network, becoming a great place for both amateurs and professionals to share their talents. 

Creative Cats Studios

From art and music to entertainment, we operate studios & workshops where we offer free access to supplies and resources for the youth & young adults in selected communities. Memberships are absolutely free. Access is also granted to adults who meet a certain criteria.

Good Cats Crew Juniors / Creative Cats Talents


We give extra support to members that are especially passionate or  talented, including those who are pursuing a career path (aka. Good Cats Crew Juniors / Creative Cats Talents). 

Team club formation, resource contribution, content creation, MV/PV production and promotional effort dedication are some of the many ways we support these great talents.

*We are not an agency nor a label. Our goal is to help our members by laying a pathway to become established talents. When our members are given hiring or signing offers, we do not take any fees or commission. We do not bind any of our members with exclusivity. We gladly help with coordination for businesses looking to hire/sign any of our members, which in fact, is the sole purpose of this cause.

Community Events

The Good Cats Crew occasionally hosts community events where our members can showcase their work, content and/or talent. 

We make these events to deliver entertainment to bring joy and uplift souls and communities as a whole. 

These events also become great opportunities for our junior crew members to promote themselves and to get used to live stage performances.

Supply Distribution



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