“Good Kitties – Girls & Ladies Club” is a women’s empowerment and social club, where female community members can come together to make new friends and cheer each other on.

It is a SISTERHOOD, driven to uplift and empower women, bringing positive changes to make a lasting impact on each other’s lives, families and communities.


Joining the club (sisterhood) is absolutely free! 

We only ask our sisters to contribute to the sisterhood and the community in ways they can.

 Our socials and activities are offered in many ways, 

including workshops, cookouts and even beauty makeovers!

How You Can Help

Sisters (members)

If you are a sister, you can help the sisterhood grow through word of mouth! The more sisters we have holding hands, the stronger our community gets!

*More ways to contribute: -share resources, -volunteer to help plan, setup and/or manage events & activities, -or simply be there for your sisters and have each other’s backs!

Partners & Sponsors

If you are a business or an organization, please consider becoming our ALLY!

*Ways we can work together: -collaborated events & activities, -sponsored events & workshops, -brand sponsorships, etc.

Donors & Supporters

Whether it’s monetary donation or donation of supplies, every bit counts, and we will forever be grateful. If you believe in our cause, become an advocate!

*Ways you can support us: -donation (monetary, necessity items, supplies, equipment etc.),  -access to space & facilities, -hold our merchandise (at stores), -or help spread the word!

Connect, Inspire, Empower

Good Kitties

Girls & Ladies Club




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