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Sapalibutad Studio

A Youth Art Workshop in Sapalibutad, Angeles City, Philippines has opened!

Japan Community Cleanups

Are you visiting or residing in Japan? Consider joining our community cleanup crew! 

The South Central Community Resiliency Event was a huge success! 

We want to congratulate everyone who took part in this event on this great achievement! 

Your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped bring the community together. 

Each successful event becomes a part of history and a treasured memory!

Introducing GOOD KITTIES!

Our female members have banded together to build a Sisterhood of Good Cats for the creation of a new division, "Good Kitties - Girls & Ladies Club".

“Good Kitties – Girls & Ladies Club” is a women’s empowerment and social club, where female community members can come together to make new friends and cheer for each other.

It is a SISTERHOOD, driven to uplift and empower women, bringing positive changes to make a lasting impact on each other’s lives, families and communities.


Joining the club (sisterhood) is absolutely free! We only ask our sisters to contribute to the sisterhood and the community in ways they can. Our socials and activities are offered in many ways, including workshops, cookouts and even beauty makeovers!

Good Kitties is....

a Club

a Team

a Sisterhood


-"Connect, Inspire, Empower"-

Announcement from Good Cats USA!

A community resiliency music & art event (South Central Community Resiliency Event) will be held in Los Angeles, California on the 20th of this month There will be live music, poetry, art demo and art walk Free food and art supplies for the first 250 people to show up If you are in L.A or in the surrounding area, come join the party!

-About the event:

The South Central Community Resiliency Event aims to celebrate the community’s resilience by marking the second anniversary of the Los Angeles Stay at Home orders. COVID-19 highly impacted our community which has historically been underserved. This community event will activate the alley west of S. Central Ave. and south of Martin Luther King Blvd. Live painting demonstration, entertainment and an art exhibition by local artists will take place during this pop-up. We will create an environment where residents from all backgrounds can safely connect through art.

Our Shared Agreements for this event are as follows:

-Leave the space better than we found it.

-Be mindful and safe of yourself and community members.

-Create a “Healthy Memory” of our community.

Another good harvest!

The Food Squad is doing a great job with successful harvests at our Good Cats Farm!

Good Cats JAPAN's FB page is now active! 

Please support our family members in Japan!

For updates on all the divisions of Good Cats, don't forget to visit our central Global page as well!

The Food Squad & Creative Cats

at Duyan Ni Maria Children's Home!

A new division, Good Cat's Good Cuts was launched!

The Good Cuts team will be actively giving free haircuts to community members. This division will be supported by member hairdressers/hair-salons. 

Our Community Christmas Party Video is here!

Thank you everyone, for supporting our cause this past year!

To all of our members, staffs, volunteers and supporters, we can't thank you enough! 2020 was an interesting year, but in ways we never imagined... and we made it through because of you!

March's first MV!

At My Worst (Cover) by March (Martchi Miranda)

watch on youtube: 

Reah's first recording!

Binalewala (COVER) by Reah Sibal

watch on youtube:

Arjohn's In-studio MV is here!

Bakit Ba Ikaw (COVER) by Arjohn Gilbert

Arjohn's Recording Day!

Arjohn G. is back! 

The GOOD CATS are here...

Born for a PURPOSE, 

Living with PASSION.




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